Slurry Seal/Microsurfacing Equipment

VSS Macropaver Slurry Seal and Microsurfacing Products

  • VSS Macropaver

The VSS truck-mounted Macropaver has gained worldwide reputation for flexibility, high production and low-cost performance.   The VSS Macropaver 12D applies all slurry and polymer-modified microsurfacings with equal ease.  Consistent quality is accomplished throughout the production cycle with automatic sequencing, pioneered by VSS.  Rugged and reliable, the Macropaver is noted for its ease of operation and easily doubles the application rates of competitive conventional machines.

  • VSS Minimac

Small to medium needs?  VSS Minimac is the solution to your slurry seal pavement maintenance.  It is the world’s first successful one-man, self-propelled slurry/microsurfacing machine.  Economical and compact, the Minimac is the go-anywhere tool that has increased the scope of slurry pavement maintenanc e.    Parking lots, garage structures, footpaths, walkways, driveways, golf cart paths and bicycle trails are a natural for the Minimac.

  • VSS Minimac CR-1000

Versatility is the key to the compact Minimac CR-1000.  Go anywhere, like the Minimac, but also have the flexibility to take on larger jobs where continuous-run paving is an advantage and a requirement.  Whether you are supporting larger application machines on bigger jobs, tackling smaller, continuous-run projects or operating in confined spaces in a non-continuous mode, the Minimac CR-1000 is perfect for your needs.



  • VSS Slurry Transfer Vehicle
stv side

Uses the proven technology of Material Transfer Vehicles (MTV) and applies it to slurry pavers.  Truck mounted machines can now be converted to continuous pavers using the Slurry Transfer Vehicle or STV.  The STV gives truck mounted machines the versitility of being able to continuous work while maintaining the ability to work in city streets and residential areas.  The STV also serves as a stockpile or mobile jobsite loader.  Slurry machines can now be loaded without putting aggregate on the ground.



VSS Macropaver also provides all accessories for slurry seal and microsurfacing machines


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